Stress Relax Computer Keys Showing Pressure Of Work Or Relaxation OnlineDo you have a stressful job?

Is your home life not as content as you’d like it to be?

Are there people in your life causing you stress?

Do you switch off when you have finished work?

Are you overwhelmed with responsibilities and/or life in general? 

Do you eat/drink excess of things you know you perhaps shouldn’t?

Do you have any aches, pains or niggles you are currently ignoring/thinking ‘that’s normal for me’?

Do you think ‘everyone in the world is stressed so I just need to get on with it’?

Are you ‘too busy’ to find the time to make changes?

Kinesiology looks at all the possible factors that could be causing stress on the body including; nutritional imbalances, structural/postural issues, emotions that may be contributing and pockets of stuck energy that may cause stress on the body.