Food Sensitivities

Plate, fork and question mark made of foodDo you often feel bloated, have sharp stabbing pains in your stomach, suffer from wind and have discomfort after eating certain foods?

Are you sometimes constipated or suffer from diahorrea?

Do you avoid certain foods as you believe they upset you?

Kinesiology discovers which foods you may currently be sensitive to through simple testing. Please note, during your treatments any system that may be linked to the sensitivity (ie; your digestive system, intestinal system, etc) will be strengthened, so any sensitivities should clear and not necessarily be foods you need to avoid forever! The tests will also highlight any current deficiencies for example iron, calcium, b vitamins, water, protein, etc. These will also be monitored regularly to check the correct balance of each vitamin and mineral. Recommended diet and supplements will then be adjusted accordingly.