Emotion or logic, opposite signsHave you recently experienced the loss of a loved one (close family member, friend, colleague or family pet)?

You may also have very strong emotions linked to someone that passed away many years ago?

Are there areas of your life you are not content with and would love to change?

Is your Boss doing your head in?

Are you feeling guilty over your children?

Is there a niggling issue with a family member, friend, colleague or neighbour that’s bothering you?

Do you link foods/drink/items to things/people you would rather move on/away from?

Whatever your emotion, even if it seems trivial, nothing is too big or small, it’s relevant to you and you deserve to have some help to deal with it.

Kinesiology will help support you to deal with anything linked to the emotion in YOUR own time and at YOUR own pace. You could think of it like an onion, there will probably be many layers but these are worked on as and when YOU are ready. Although it is more powerful to talk through this, if you would prefer it can also be dealt with without you saying a word.