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Your Treatment

Treatments are 1 & 1/2 hours for the first treatment including a full consultation.

Following treatments will be an hour each.

Please wear comfortable clothing for treatment sessions.  You will be lying fully clothed on a couch throughout the treatment, whilst I carry out some simple muscle tests (these are not a test of strength!).

These tests are a form of body language to find imbalances in the body.  Once these are identified we use a variety of techniques including; massage, nutrition, contact points and acupuncture meridians to address the issue.

Any relevant nutritional supplements are charged separately.

Please note a full cancellation fee applies to any treatment cancelled within 24 hours of your appointment.


Kinesiology is the best way to balance your body to achieve optimum health, happiness and wellbeing.

Our bodies are constantly showing symptoms on the outside of what is going on inside.  Our internal health and function is presented in many ways through our skin, through pain, posture, swelling, energy levels, how we feel generally and so on.

Re-balancing the body when it first shows signs of problems could prevent much more serious health issues.  Better still is to keep the body in balance with regular treatments to prevent any health issues escalating in the first place… prevention is better than cure.

Kinesiology gets to the root cause of a health problem, uses non-intrusive muscle testing to read the body and detect what needs ‘fixing’ first.  All systems in the body are linked therefore if one is not working 100%, it will have a knock on effect to the others.  Similarly if that one is fixed, the others will improve.

Kinesiology will get you out of pain by assessing EXACTLY where the pain is coming from and dealing with EVERY aspect that could be contributing to the problem. Pain is caused by inflammation which may have been caused by a range of issues… too much sugar, irritants or toxins in food & drink, toiletries, household chemicals, energy blockages, lymph congestion or poor blood flow.  Kinesiology uses a range of ways to eliminate all these problems to get rid of your pain.

We recommend a very high quality range of products as well as diet and lifestyle improvements to maintain and prolong your Kinesiology treatment and promote optimum health and wellbeing. Most health concerns are usually dramatically improved after only 3 treatments. However we will recommend a maintenance programme to ensure your body stays in balance for you to enjoy the benefits of health, happiness and optimum wellbeing.

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Joint Pain Emotions Fatigue Insomnia
IBS Headaches Food Sensitivities Self Esteem Stress