About Rebecca

Screenshot_2017-02-19-16-04-35Rebecca is a fully qualified Kinesiologist, specialising in resolving emotional and physical pain

“I worked in the hotel world for years, working my way up into management.  I loved working with a variety of new and interesting people everyday, however I didn’t feel much of a sense of achievement because I felt something was missing and I wanted to make more of a difference to the world

I have always had an interest in health and wellbeing, particularly nutrition, and decided to look for a career where I could use this to help people, as well as quench my thirst for a deeper knowledge and understanding. I wanted to do something that made a difference to people’s lives and I could gain a real sense of achievement from.  I believe nutrition, exercise and a good lifestyle all play a key role in improving and maintaining great health, so I found the right training course and I had made a career change within weeks!

Following over 10 years as a Lifestyle & Personal Trainer, I discovered Kinesiology.  I am still absolutely amazed by what can be achieved through this therapy.  I am now delighted that I am able to help people in a completely new way, by resolving the emotional and physical pain that my Clients had been suffering with for years.”